About Us

Established in Melbourne in 2013, Dynaveil was created to bring a new perspective to the motorised window shading market. With almost 50 years in combined engineering expertise, our core technical and design team has been developing motors and controls together for over 10 years. From the outset we challenged ourselves to make motorisation simpler, more accessible and more compelling. We aim to achieve this by utilising the latest advancements in materials and electronics technology at our disposal.

Our Philosophy

Since the main purpose of windows is to enable natural light, can we use this light as source of energy to drive the window shades? Light energy can be harvested throughout daytime whilst operation of the window shade only happens for a couple of minutes daily. Therefore, in principle, the idea of using light energy as a power source should be feasible. The next challenge is to develop the technology such that the end product will not only function as designed, but also be reliable and trouble-free, thus resulting in our development of the uniCell power core.

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