The all-in-one motorised roller shade

The Lumina Integrated Shade Chassis (ISC) is the world’s first fully integrated motorised shade system that combines the roller blind hardware, motor, control and power source into a single unit. Installation is no more difficult than standard manual roller blinds and operation is intuitive via the included SmarTug pull chain or RF remote control.

The Lumina ISC is designed to work independent of any external wiring requirement. The integrated photovoltaic (PV) array continually tops up the rechargeable Li-ion battery that is inside the motor. To address concerns that the energy intake from a PV source might not be sufficient, we have devised a means to use the entire width of the cassette to house multiple PV modules, thereby maximising the PV surface area.

Installation of the Lumina ISC is literally a snap. Using specially designed top fixing brackets, the cassette profile simply snaps into place. No further configuration is necessary apart from setting the travel limits for the roller blind, which can be easily done via the remote control or SmarTug pull chain.

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