Maximum adaptability and aesthetics

Identifying the changeable nature of solar-powered applications, Dynaveil developed the Modular PV Array to enable the flexibility to specially cater to the energy requirements for any given situation. This flexibility is achieved by using standardized small PV modules that are then electrically coupled to a single backing extrusion. The end result is a monolithic unit that can hold any number of modules. The extrusion can also be cut to be the same width as a window, thereby producing an unobtrusive, consistent look.

The Modular PV Array further helps to overcome a common issue with solar panels. That is, when a single large panel is partially blocked, overall power output can be drastically reduced to the point of being completely ineffective. This is due to the semiconductor nature of individual PV cells. The inherent granularity of the Modular PV Array means that, if a partial light blockage occurs on any single module, it does not affect the other modules around it. As a result, real world usability of the Modular PV Array is vastly improved when compared to traditional solar panels.

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