What is uniCell™ technology?

Now in its 3rd generation, the uniCell power core represents the culmination of Dynaveil’s research into a rechargeable, sustainable, long-life power source for motorised shading applications. Breakthroughs have been made to address specific challenges with respect to the operating conditions and use cases of motorised shading, including: power output, temperature resistance, calendar life and cycle life.

Dynaveil, as a pioneer of solar-powered motorised shading, has long established that using conventional designs for rechargeable battery packs is inadequate for our intended application. This is due to the requirement for motorised shades to work maintenance-free for many years. A typical battery pack configuration will place 4 or more rechargeable cells in series to drive, usually, a 12V DC motor. The problem is, no two cells are ever identical and, over time and with repeated charging and discharging, the charge level between cells become unbalanced. This leads to a permanent loss of performance. An example of this phenomenon can be found in notebook computers – we have all witnessed the sharp decline in the performance of a notebook’s battery pack after only a couple years of usage. As can be imagined, such a scenario would be unacceptable for motorised shades.

As its name suggests, Dynaveil’s patented uniCell technology uses a single battery cell as the power source for all motor functions. This fundamentally eradicates all problems associated with multiple battery cells in series. Furthermore, the uniCell power core delivers unprecedented voltage consistency across the battery charge range. This means a Dynaveil motor will not noticeably get slower as its battery drains. Another unique benefit is the ability to charge the battery using any off-the-shelf 5V smartphone charger or power bank. Such flexibility and convenience is made possible only with uniCell technology by Dynaveil.

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